Feb 7, 2013 -- Golden Ear for Mac

Golden Ear is now available for Mac OS X! This is just a start.

Aug 21, 2012 -- v2.7 release

Golden Ear v2.7 is released with following features:
  • Add search functionality in songs list;
  • Add detailed music list for each artist;

Feb 9, 2012 -- v2.3 release and iTunes backup

Golden Ear v2.3 is released. Fixes: voice over in customizd playlist view (now accessible for blind users); a bug in recognizing some wave files. Added: option to turn off iTunes/iCloud backup.

A common complaint we received is that music files take up way too much space in iTunes backup. We understand that you may not need the backup of musics at all, so in this update we add an option in settings to turn off music files backup completely. After you turn off the option, you can connect your iPad/iPhone to iTunes, make a backup again, and this time you will find the new backup takes much less space. Require iOS 5.0.1 or later.